Quran's Tafhim ( explanation)

*59). The unbelievers presumably thought that because of his sacrilegious behaviour towards some saint or deity, Prophet Hud (peace be on him) had been smitten with madness. Consequently, both words of abuse and stones were hurled at him even though he had once enjoyed much esteem and respect.
*60). In response to this. Hud (peace be on him) pointed out that it was true that he had not put forth specific evidence in support of his claim. He contended that rather than bring a set of minor evidence in support of his claim, he had instead brought the weightiest evidence of all - Almighty God Himself. For God and His entire universe bear witness to the truths he enunciated. The same evidence also established that the conceptions entertained by the unbelievers were pure concoctions and lacked even an atom's worth of truth.
*61). The unbelievers were adamant. They would not forsake their deities just because Hud asked them to do so. In response, Prophet Hud (peace be on him) made it vehemently clear to them that he could not care less for their deities.
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