Quran's Tafhim ( explanation)

*92) Literally, "the seated women". This means those women who are no longer capable of bearing children, who no longer cherish sexual desires, and who cannot excite the passions of men.
*93) Literally, "if they I ay aside their clothes". Obviously it cannot mean that they should strip themselves naked. That is why all the jurists and commentators . are agreed that it implies the outer garments which are used to hide the adornments as enjoined in AI-Ahzab: 59.
*94) "Tabarruj " is display and exhibitionism. When used with regard to a woman, it would imply the one who displays her charms and adornments before other men. The permission to lay aside the outer garments is being given to those old women who are no longer interested in personal embellishments and whose sex desires are gone. But if they still have a hidden desire smouldering in their hearts and an urge to display, they cannot avail of this permission .

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