Quran's Tafhim ( explanation)

*44) The context shows that when the Prophet Abraham came out of the fire and spoke the preceding sentences, only Prophet Lot from the entire crowd came forward to proclaim his belief and adopt his obedience. It is just possible that many other people also on this occasion might have been convinced of the Prophet Abraham's being a true Prophet, but in view of the violent reaction that had been shown openly by the entire community and the government against Abraham's Faith, no one else could muster up courage to affirm faith in such a dangerous truth and follow it. This good fortune fell to the lot of only one man, the Prophet Lot, the nephew of the Prophet Abraham, who at last accompanied his uncle and aunt (Hadrat Sarah) in their migration also. Here, the question may arise: Was the Prophet Lot a disbeliever and a mushrik before this, and did he believe only after witnessing the miracle of the Prophet Abraham's emerging safe and sound from the fire? If it is so, can a person who has been a mushrikr be appointed to Prophethood? The answer is this: Here the Qur'an has used the words fa-amana la-hu Lut, which do not necessarily imply that the Prophet Lot disbelieved in God before this, or associated other deities with Him. They only show that after this he confirmed the Prophethood of the Prophet Abraham, and adopted his obedience. Possibly the Prophet Lot was a young boy then and this might be the first very occasion when he became acquainted with the teachings of his uncle and his Prophethood.
*45) That is, "I shall leave my country for the sake of my Lord and go wherever my Lord may take me."
*46) That is, "He possesses the power to help and protect me, and whatever He decides for me will be based on wisdom."
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